California. Chipotle. Corgis.

home message nonsense


Poledance Girl

How is this possible?

omfg my bb

I’d do this to my kid at every meal and that’s another reason I’m not allowed to have one


OH MY GOD so I dropped by the post office since I had to mail something and omfg there was a stand right outside that said “stop here to IMPEACH” and there was a picture of Obama with a hitler mustache omfg

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I was at the airport in Athens and one of the ticket ladies said to me “have a nice flight” and I responded “thank you, you too” and you have no idea how fast I walked away

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oh my god


one time i was trying to dirty talk with my ex boyfriend and i started saying ‘i’ve been a very bad girl’ and he said ‘why what have you done?’ and i didnt know what to say next so i just said ‘i’ve burnt down a house’

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