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Yesterday, I was at the airport in Montreal, Canada because it was the layover on my way back to Los Angeles from Athens. I was feeling a bit hungry because I just got off a nine hour flight and had to go through customs for another two hours for accidentally having a swiss army knife in my carry-on so I decided to eat there. I went to Starbucks and there was a lady in front of me who wanted to buy a banana and she said to the cashier, “Hello, I don’t want any change on me so I’m trying to figure out the best way to buy this.” She pulled out a few coins, a dollar bill, and a five. The total came out to $1.71 and she realized the only way to pay for it was the five, which would lead to having change. I remember standing there and thinking of what I wanted to order and when I looked over, she was fiddling with the money in her hands. Just instinctively, I walked up and offered to pay for her. I thought of it as no big deal considering it was just a banana, but the lady was so grateful that she thanked me multiple times and even insisted on giving me her dollar bill. Next thing you know, the cashier had the biggest smile on her face and was going off about how karma was just around the corner and I stood there for half a second thinking wow, it was all just one simple act and it made people happy.

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